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IMMO REAL ESTATE spol. s r. o.

Three-bedroom apartment Sale

Three-bedroom apartment, Sale, Bratislava - Lamač - Studenohorská
Sale, Three-bedroom apartment Bratislava - Lamač
153 000.00 EUR
(4 609 278.00 Sk)

Family house Sale

Family house, Sale, Kostolište - Alej Martina Benku.
Sale, Family house Kostolište
145 000.00 EUR
(4 368 270.00 Sk)

Gogoľova ul., Petrzalka, 32 m2 big office for € 310 per month and energy and parking in front.

Administrative premises, Lease, Bratislava - Petržalka - Gogoľova
Lease, Administrative premises Bratislava - Petržalka
165.00 EUR/month
(4 970.79 Sk/month)